Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Sticker Collection

Regular readers of this blog, yes both of you, will remember my first posting on the subject of the League of Blogs, a project which was brainchild of Rich and Chris at The Football Attic.

Starting with an initial chart with space for twenty kits, popularity grew and grew as we spread the word culminating in a 'round' ninety two entries, thus mirroring the number of clubs represented in the four divisions of English league football.
Lets face it, as grown men who wouldn't fancy colouring in blank 'subbuteo' players with a hand drawn kit design putting top designers for the likes of Nike and Adidas to shame!
There are no repetitious templates in here, these are all bespoke works of art.

Not only had we all reminisced on our childhood football drawings, but also on all other aspects of seventies and eighties beautiful game memorabilia.
One common thread just about every child shares is their love of collecting Panini football stickers so what could be better than the boys at The Attic producing their own album for the contributors to purchase.

My Panini style book arrived yesterday, and with the trepidation of a school leaver opening their exam results, i carefully pulled the said item out of it's padded envelope.
I was expecting something rather lovely but never thought for an instant that it would be quite the item of desire that it is.

Printed on wonderful glossy paper, this 32 page book is wrapped in a good quality cover and well bound as well.
We have a nice introduction to the project and the book idea itself to kick us off, then positioned in a way Panini would be proud of are the 92 'stickers'. For cost purposes they are of course pre printed on the pages.
Alongside each design is the name of the blog that designed it and also a brief sentence summarizing their website.
On the back cover a poster style picture of all 92 with an index.

One lovely little touch was two actual glossy stickers of my own kit designs which The Football Attic had included with the book.
As i tweeted yesterday, you could offer me all the shiny's in your swaps pile, you'll never get your hands on these little beauties!

So once again guys, thanks for coming up with the idea in the first place, thanks for letting us be a part of it and most of all thank you for a wonderful keepsake i shall cherish for years to come. You won't be seeing this appearing on eBay!

If you don't want to miss any of the great nostalgic postings to be found at The Football Attic, follow them on twitter, @FootballAttic.

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