Sunday, June 30, 2013

From The Mail with love

All quiet on the western front. Or so we thought. Charlton fans woke up this morning to news that a Russian consortium were in talks with Tony Jimenez and Michael Slater to buy the club, if The Mail are to be believed.  Yes, I realise the comical assumption i made in that last sentence too.

Jimenez has property in Cyprus, a country I know relatively well and which has been bombarded by Russian businessmen over the past few years buying up hotels, property and anything else the cash strapped locals think they can sell. Forgive me if I assume it was actually a golf club (or even a whole bag of them) that was the main text of these supposed talks.

There were no facts, no names, just that Jimenez was 'understood' to have held talks with the Russians. I could 'understand' things all day long and compose lazy journalism for the needy and rumour hungry (if someone paid me to), so don't start bothering yourselves on which players we'll be outbidding Chelsea for, or how we'll lose any personal relationship with the club during the course of the season. We won't be selling our soul to buy the league any time soon, we've heard these kind of rumours before and they remained just that.

No news always used to be considered good news, I mean to stand by that. The club have nothing really to say, still living off the back of last season publishing daily the latest of their twenty best moments of the campaign, whilst trying to get us enthusing about the release of the new away kit next week. We've seen pictures of the first team squad returning to training, I presume something for the kids to get excited about, but that's all there is. No transfer stories, no breaking news, perhaps Powell and company are just quietly enjoying the tennis at Wimbledon or the music at Glastonbury for now. I expect they've certainly been following the pointless Confederations Cup in Brazil in between rounds of golf with the boss man in Cyprus.

For those desperate for 'proper' news, the first pre-season friendly at Welling is now less than a week away. It won't be long before you can't blink without missing something, let's just enjoy a moments peace while we still have it.

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