Thursday, September 6, 2012

A blogging away day

Writing a club specific blog can at times be restraining. I try here to diversify and ramble, sometimes quite uncontrollably, about other matters, some football orientated and some stretching further afield.

If you read recently my rant on Nike taking over the production of the England kit, you'll be aware of my preoccupation with football kits. I was thinking about Nike taking on our beloved Addicks and found myself harking back to times past when our kits were more attractive to the eye, and i suspect to the wallet (although my memory isn't good enough to recall prices).

Le Coq Sportif produced a kit that i will always cherish, possibly because the great Eddie Youds wore it, and childhood memories came flooding back of some wonderful creations the French company produced back in the 1980's.

Rather than write about them here to a limited audience of Charlton fans, i decided to give the post to a website dedicated to all footballing nostalgia, The Football Attic.

This way fans of all clubs can revive memories of a time when football was muddy and shorts were what they claimed to be. Don't worry though, you can rest assured Charlton got a mention!

You can find the article here, Le Coq Sportif. Enjoy.

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