Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Day!

Today i watched the Royal Wedding. A few years back, everybody would have been glued to the only tv set in the street to watch it as well. Unfortunately, a lot of the younger generation today saw this as nothing more than an extra day off work. Alf Garnett would have had a field day today! I love events like these, not just weddings, but events that show the rest of the world what a wonderful country we live in, and what a fantastic city London is.
Today was a day when we could shout out loud how proud we are to be British! From the flags lining the route, the hero's that are our armed forces in their dress uniforms to the wonderful fly past from the Battle of Britain hero's, the Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire. Each of these moments brought real tears to my eyes of great pride and loyal belonging to our dear kingdom. Unlike the idiots calling themselves nationalists, who wave the flag with racist undertones that we had to endure in Brighton last weekend. No, today is what it means to be British.
As far as the wedding went, everything had a real wow factor and was just as it should be. I love weddings. It is for me, a union very worthy of celebrating, especially in this day and age when people's views on it have shifted so dramatically.
I've been lucky enough to have two wedding days. They rate higher than the play off final in 98, but below the day i allowed Jesus into the driving seat in my life. A close second though.
When i became a widower, i never would have guessed I'd be fortunate enough to fall in love with a second gorgeous lady but i did.  Not a day goes past without me realizing how lucky i am, that's why a wedding photo is always pictured on this blog. Every time i now see a young couple commit to each other i always compare it to ours, even the royals. Yes, like many others, i was covered in goose bumps when they sang 'Jerusalem', but then i was when we sang 'The Stand' (check out Hillsong) at ours.
Whenever i hear 'From the inside out' ,again Hillsong, i picture Heidi walking down the aisle and well up. Heidi planned ours by herself and could not have got any one part better than it was. A good effort today, but ours is still the best!
So today has been a day of pride. The good pride that stands those hairs up on the back of your neck. There is a bad pride also. That's the one that gets in my way so often, the one that prevents me dropping my guard. No one thing stops me advancing in my christian walk more. that however is another story.
Today isn't about me, today is about a beautiful young girl and her knight in shining armour, who have today in front of God, the most important guest in attendance, declared their love for each till death. Well done.

And with that i raise a the happy couple!!!

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