Thursday, April 21, 2011

Heidi's Art

Spending an afternoon off work looking at some of the great paintings my wife has created, and i got to thinking, why keep it to myself. So here is some of it.
Painted on canvas, material, walls,  and some created on the computer, she does seem to turn her hand to anything.
ENJOY !!!!

This is an old college piece.

As is this huge piece. God bless these children.

No aerosols or stencils here.

The art of photoshop.

An old friend

This she did for a t-shirt design for me.

That's the wall of our lounge.

Another she did of/for me.

This is one of three large canvas pieces for the coffee lounge of our church.

One of the extravagance pieces....

And with the other two on the wall of Ginger Moo in Crawley.

And to finish, a small sample of the stuff she often has to produce for myself and the rest of the children's ministry at church.

I hope this has given you all a little pleasure at the start of this Easter weekend.

Have a great Easter and let's hope for three points in Bristol Saturday.

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